School Impact

Benni, you came to our school today and you gave an amazing speech. I just wanted to say thank you. Whenever teachers try to talk to us about bullying it never works but yours touched me. It made me realize what we are doing wrong and sometimes we don't notice it. You’re a kid just like us and you understand. I'm never taking off my bracelet as a reminder, because when you left i saw a kid being picked on and i looked down and i saw my bracelet and thought what am i doing just sitting here? So i stood up for him. It felt amazing. Then I thought if i only stick up for one person and it feels this good what does it feel like to stick up for 100s so that’s what i'm going to do. Thank you Benni . And also thank you for the hug i asked for at the end of your speech. I just wanted to hug you because your amazing and you told us to never give up hope. and I won't. -S.

Benni, when you came to my school. I was so inspired, I was getting bullied that day before we saw the presentation, then they tried to bully me after school and call me names that I knew weren't true --so I stuck up for myself, I didn’t just walk away and run from it, I actually told them to stop bullying me! I told my mom what I did for myself she was very proud of me. I just wanna thank you for actually helping me stand up for myself! I am really grateful. -J.

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that when you came to my school you really opened my eyes to everything that was going on. I completely support your cause and back it 100%. -R.

Thanks for coming to my school. You changed things for me. I was actually getting bullied at the time and most of it stopped after you came! So I am very thankful. -B.

Hey Benni, thank you for coming to our school. It's really making a difference. Love you! -J.

Thanks for coming I loved listening to your story! It changed me. -B.

Thank you for coming to our school Benni! Your story is amazing and very inspirational. -C.

It was amazing to have you there today!!!! Thanks soooooo much!!! -L.

You’re amazing! You’re my hero! You’re really inspiring! Thanks for coming! It was great! -S.

You’re amazing Benni! Thank you so much for coming too our school and telling us all about your story! I look up to you! Takes a lot to do what you do! You Go Girl! -R.

“Benni! Thank you so much for coming to tell us your story! It was absolutely inspirational! You’re an excellent role model and this is something I will never forget. ;) -A.

You did great hope you can meet all the other kids that may need your help. -C.

Benni your amazing thanks so much for coming everybody thought the meeting was great (: -N.

It was a very good presentation! I think you touched a lot of us! -V.

That was a great presentation! You are a really strong person to turn something bad into something that can help other people. You should be proud of yourself for preventing bullying in schools and everywhere! You did an amazing job! -K.

Hi Benni, I think you just might have been the big turning point for a lot of our class. It was great meeting you! -N.

Hi Benni! I really enjoyed meeting you today at my school! You really inspired me. I tried so hard not to cry mainly because I get bullied almost every day and I have thought about suicide but never had the nerve to do it. When you finished your presentation, it made me realize how glad I am that I never did it. And also if I would have then I never would have had the chance to meet you! When I found out that you were only 14 I was very shocked because you were able to do all of that! I'm 14 and will be 15 in May and I wouldn't be able to do any of that! although I have always wanted to be able to stand up in front of people like that and tell them how I really feel about bullying, or even just standing up to someone who is being a bully but it’s just so hard to do. I never know what to do or what to say and I start to worry that if I do it then everybody will just start to laugh at me. Now that came to our school I really think a lot of people will change the way that they are towards other. I really hope your speech inspired enough people in our school! I know you inspired all of my friends and me! I'm very proud of you! -D.

My aunt committed suicide recently, and I am soo happy Benni came and talked to us. She is my new role model. We needed someone our age to tell us instead of someone older. so tell her thank you soo much for coming and that she is amazing!!!:) She made me think about how to overcome my ups and downs that i have been through, like about my aunt. -K.

Keep doin what your doin and this world will be a much better place. Hopefully you can convert more people to be Defenders rather than Bystanders -R.

Hi Benni. I am a mother of two young girls and we live in I Falls. I just wanted to stop in and say THANK YOU for being an inspiration to all of us. At your age, it is truly amazing what you have done, taken the negative and turning into positive to help others. May your life journey ahead bring you joy, sweet girl! Thank you again for taking a stand on bullying. -D.

Hi Benni:) everyone is wearing the bracelets you gave us, including me, i never take mine off! I think you changed our school. Thanks soo such we needed it really bad! -K.

Hii ! I’m the girl with the white scarf you met today. I also took a picture with you. I’m going to message you because I actually needed to talk to you because of some issues I'm facing. I hope you can advice me. (: btw, the whole school is inspired by you. -N.

Thank you for coming to our school today it was a great presentation. -J.

Your message got across and everyone was touched. I still can’t believe you are only in 9th grade and doing all of this -J.

Hi Benni. you came to my school and to tell the truth I found you inspirational! You are amazing at what you do, and I hope you never stop trying to help people that need it! -A.

Hey Benni. I just wanted to say since you came to my school last year I hardly ever see people bullying each other. Your speech was AWESOME & it would be cool if you could come back! Thanks for the encouraging words! -P

Dearest Benni, I just wanted to say that I thought about your presentation a lot today, and realized the impact it had on me. You really inspire me to be a better person and make a difference in the world, just like you're doing! Who would have known that a spot in your best friend's YouTube video would lead you to changing millions of kid's lives. Thanks for everything you've done, not just for me, but for all of this generation. Teenagers that want to put in an effort to make a difference are rare to come by, and it's incredible that you're using your attention to spread the word about bullying, and share your story. You will always be an inspiration to me, and I feel so privileged to have met you! -H.

Hey Benni! It was really cool to meet you and hang out with you at lunch. And I really respect you for what you've done for everyone at my school, and even the whole world. I've contemplated suicide since 6th grade and got put on suicide watch. You've accomplished something I can only dream of doing. You've changed so many people and soon you will change the world. I will definitely do what you said today during the assembly. Thank you so much for opening the eyes of so many people. You're going to go far I can tell. Good Luck Girl in Pink. -V.

Thank you for coming to my school today. You’re a true inspiration to me (: -E.

Hey Benni! Thank you for speaking at my school today. It was truly amazing! When you talked about how teeb suicide has affected you and your family, it made me cry. It really touched me how you care so much! You’re such a great person! -B.

Hi, I’m a current freshman and hearing you speak today helped me so much. I've been harassed, bullied verbally, mentally, and physically. I considered things such as, running away, suicide, cutting myself, drugs, drinking, etc. Today I was bullied and I used one of your suggestions. It was hard to do, but I did it. You’ve made me a strong person already and I cannot thank you enough. You’re an amazing young woman. I look up to you for being able to get up on that stage and tell everyone your story. You are STRONG and you are my HERO. -M.

I wanted to thank you so much for coming out to talk to us all. I honestly didn't know what to think at first. When they announced we'd have an anti-bullying/anti-suicide assembly, honestly, I groaned a little. We always get the older counselors, or therapists saying they understand when (no offense) they don't. When you came out and began talking, I was amazed! It was definitely eye-opening to hear someone our age who knows how bad it feels on such a personal, and extreme level. It was also very sobering to see how much of a difference one person can make. I've been bullied most of my life, and I'm finally starting to understand that it really can be stopped. That it's not just something that long-winded, depressing speeches are created about by people who've never even been there. I just wanted to tell you how happy it made me to see some of the kids guilty of bullying actually squirm in their seats seeing what could happen. Thank you, thank you so much! I think you honestly made a difference, and you've definitely made me take my future more seriously. I've always wanted to help people, specifically teens. I want to be a therapist, an active one, out there helping, because I've been there too. I'm going to add you to my list of inspiring people! You’re doing an amazing job, and are definitely an amazing person. I hope you have a very good day, week and a very full, happy life! I will always wear this bracelet as a reminder of what one can accomplish for many, and what many can accomplish for one. I loved your amazing speech and display of all those children at the end, truly opening the eyes of those who didn't take it seriously. Please keep this up! YOU ARE AMAZING! -C.

I am bipolar. I have attention deficit disorder. I’m type one diabetic. And I have OCD. I’m insecure and it feels like nobody knows what I’m going through, like I’m the only one. But after seeing Benni today in my hometown, it made me realize that I’m not alone. I’ve cried every single day alone in my room since I was 9, and now I’m 13. It just didn’t seem possible to be happy and I just couldn’t see a future for me anymore. Anyway, Benni, you’ve saved another life for now. I will stay positive and never give up hope! -G.