Don't Just Stand There

Modeled after Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” anti-drug campaign from the 1980s, Benni Cinkle’s 45-minute visual presentation will offer a brief background on her experience with cyber-bullying and introduce the key concepts of her “Don’t Just Stand There” presentation.

Introduction: Her Personal Experience With Worldwide Attention

Benni will explain how participating in Rebecca Black’s Friday music video led to her becoming a world-recognized Internet meme and the harsh criticism and cyber-bullying that followed. She will share images that will illustrate just how bad things got for her, leading up to the ones where people suggest that she kill herself. She explains how she disarmed the bullies and turned things around without bullying back and how she even harnessed the attention for a greater good. She will also talk about how her personal life has been affected by teen suicide and what led her to form her non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids.


In her talk, Benni shares how she diffuses the effects of the bullying that she continues to deal with today and offers insights into how they can do the same. Benni will illustrate how students can exercise the power to choose how they react and respond to online bullying and also to choose the effect that it will have on their self esteem — a critical distinction that may help at-risk teens who are on the brink of crisis. She will share all that she learned about bullying including the difference between someone’s opinion, teasing, and bullying.

A Call to Action: Don’t Just Stand There

Because the bystanders represent the largest number in a bullying situation, the presentation focuses on their power to change the circumstances. Everyone has the power to help, regardless of their limitations, shortcomings, and imperfections. She shares with them an appropriate way to get involved. She encourages them to take the pledge and “Don’t Just Stand There. Speak!” and empowers them with five way to become a Defender.

Key Concepts

• 5 Types of Bullying
• 5 Roles in Bullying
• 5 Things to Remember
• 5 Don’ts
• 5 Warning Signs


Benni discusses how the difficulties teens face today can make them stronger. She demonstrates some of the things that they can do to keep hope alive and the various resources and programs available to them including crisis intervention such as TeenLine, TWLOHA, Trevor Project, and Suicide Prevention.


The presentation lasts 35 minutes and allows for an additional 10 minute Q&A session. Benni will also provide information on how students can access her popular ebook, “That Girl in Pink’s Internet Survival Guide” as well as other downloadable resources from her presentation.

For more information on Benni Cinkle or if you would like your school to be a part of this no-cost and highly-informative presentation, or to request a preview, please contact us through this website.