Shout Outs!

Hey guys, I love getting all your messages! This page about you and what you have to say. ♥

Benni, I'd love it if you were able to try to come to my school. It's a school that needs a big eye-opener. One that will erase the homophobic tensions. I am gay and I cut. But after seeing what you have done and will do... I have underestimated the kindness for some people that truly care for teens like me. You have saved my life and made me realize that I would leave my family and my friends behind. 'It gets better'. :) Chase

Hi Benni, I am a cheerleading coach, and when I started coaching, a part of my job was to learn about and be able to help girls with problems at home and also bullying. I wanted to let you know that I had every single one of the girls I coach (over 50!) watch your music video and tell you that it greatly impacted all of them. It gave them a sense of confidence and strength, especially to those who are victims of being picked on. The main reason for this message is to tell you thank you so much for inspiring me and all of my girls :) what you're doing is fantastic and I wish you nothing but the best. Thank you for being amazing :) Kierstyn

Hey Benni, I just wanted to say a few things... First of all I'm sorry. When I watched the first response video you did I was ready to make fun of you but then I saw how maturely you handled it. So then I decided to watch your music video, it made me cry. I have had thoughts of suicide and I self harmed by snapping the rubber bands on my wrist 'till my wrist was bright red. But you and your organization has helped me get the courage to talk to someone. I'm doing so much better now, it is still hard sometimes... But I try to keep my head up. So, thank you Benni, thank you for saving my life. :) Emma


Benni, this is pretty great that you're serving as a role model to other teens/kids. More people should try to have your gusto of confidence. How do you do it? Keep up the great work kid and please do tell if you have any new songs on the agenda soon? Theadcamper

HEY! I just wanted to let you know that I love your song, can you see me now. I feel better every time I listen to it! Its great to know that some of the artists out there care. Thank you for helping me trough another day :) I love you and your music :) Carotheawesome

I just...I'm really touched by everything you do. It's really awesome to see that people are making an effort to help others. This site and everything you do has brought me a lot of hope. Thanks for everything you've done and everything you will do in the future :) Christine

Hey I thought I'd take the time to write this email to you after reading some of the stuff on your Facebook fan page. I noticed that on your fan page, that quite a few people try to stir up some negative emotions and responses in you on a regular basis. I also noticed it in the comments section of your music video on YouTube. I just wanted to say that the way you deal with those people is beyond great. I'm almost 19 and still let a lot of people get under my skin and find myself letting anger take control of my thoughts and sometimes my words. But you deal with ignorant people in a way that I've never seen in someone your age. I want to commend you for that. I thought you should hear this from someone that isn't a crazy foreign fan (You sure have a lot of those huh?), and doesn't listen to pop. I'm an adult that listens to heavy metal, smokes cigars, and has an anarchistic attitude, yet I STILL notice the amount of individuality and "special-ness" (Couldn't think of a better word) in you. We are such different people from such different scenes but I have a lot of respect for you. I wanted you to hear all this from someone a little different than you're used to. So basically, keep making your music, keep raising money for charity, keep defending what you believe, and keep ignoring all the crap you get from those random people on Facebook and YouTube. They have nothing better to do than insult someone that they don't understand. Hey, even Jesus has haters. Matt

Hi Sarah, I’m so sorry that people are so mean. They have no idea what kind of effect their words can have. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes it does bother me. But I try to remember that the people saying these things, say them because of their own sad situation. It doesn’t really mean anything about me. When someone says something about you, it tells a lot about them and the type of person they are… not you. When you feel like nobody cares, please remember that I care and I’m sure other people would care, if they knew. I think it would be good to talk to somebody. Is there any adult that you trust that you can talk to? Please let me know, okay? Benni ♥

Hi. I have a question? How do you survive through everyone making fun of you? I can't. Im a bit overweight, not pretty blah blah. Im a cutter, and EVERYONE at my school calls me a freak over it. I went back to school today and got called one 6 times, because they saw one new cut on my wrist. luckily the rest were on various other places on my body. How did you cope with everyone laughing and stuff? I LOVE helpping people, but everyone at my school thinks im a bitch. Whatever i do. I always get called emo, where really im "Punk" and stuff. You are so inspiring. And btw, you dont have to reply to my email, i dont expect you too... Sarah

I may not get a reply, but I just want to let Benni know she is such a inspiration, she helped get through hard times! :b bye! Madeline

i think you are just an amazing human being. <3

OMG BENNI !! I love your song sooo much ! I can actually relate to it since I've been bullied for two years now because I changed my hair's color .. I love the message behind your song , You're stunning as always and I don't know what words could be enought for the work you did , but I know I want to say Thank you !! And I love you so much! (: Thank you thank you thank youuuuuu :D I really NEEDED ...a song like this , I needed hope and your song did it , it bring me all the strength I need ! Once Again , Good Luck for your continuation , I always support you , Thank youu! And I LOVE YOUU ♥ Hope we can talk again later (: PS: I think I'll receive the new bracelet in a few days , and I want to remind you that YOU promised me to marry me on my birthday on september 18 ;) Alexandra

i think you are just an amazing human being. <3 TinyGlassHouses

hi benni! I just wanna say you inspire me <3 OHyarly

don't listen to what they say, clearly they've never been through anything hard in their lives -- but even if ya just help 1 person (which you've done, and hundreds others), it's worth it :) x Thanks so much again :) 240AG

ok, she is amazing. throughout 'friday' , while rebecca was keeping money for herself, bennie raised money for charity through her bracelets. now, she is sending out an AMAZING message. @imthatgirlinpink , you are AMAZING. Keep up the great work. Kids need to know that they aren't alone. I struggled with a lot of these things, and it is so great to know I am not alone. I hope everybody finds strength through this video. If you ever want to talk, benni, I am here. :] Chelsea

i like it .the clip is so serious:)in our world are so many children with this problems and i think that those clip would help them ;) Salome

Okay I was really impressed with your song, seriously, I was anticipating something ugly and cheap like "Friday", but you came up with something really cool. Congrats. Sam

I've only listened to your song about..... ten times today. :D Jamie

Benni this made me tear :x because this actually brought up an important part of my life and i rose above it i hope this song helps people :) you did a great job :3 Dianne

Some of the things these haters post are just mean:(like you said,these haters need more love. Triston

I think its amazing how you dealt with Friday, but even more i love how you've taken your experience and done something about it to help other kids in these situations! I saw your video on SBS, than i saw the one in which you danced 2 support Japan, (which is amazing!) then i ended up on your website. :) You are a proof to someone who wants 2 give up hope -that you can totally turn it around! Aliza

Nice sonq ` =] A wonderful message ♥`keep up the qood work` ♥ the video has such a qreat message on everyone` =] Junnay

Benni, I love the video, soo much. Thanks for writing it AND making a video :) Abby

seriously, good job :) Isaiah

You did an awesome job with your video:) Congratulations on tackling all those issues and doing it soo well! Nishaa

BENNI, what a great achievement! your music video is out! CONGRATULATION, you are awesomee, and its me, that girl Celin, and well hope that u makee a positive change in alot of pple's lives ♥ Ava

You're such a great person for raising awareness for good causes. Thank you :) Jenny

You are one amazing girl! You have such a big heart. Thanks for making me feel like this world isn't all that bad after all and that there are others who can make it big and still care. Jennifer

Benny! I'm really proud of you!! Good luck!! you made an awesome song!! totally love it!! YOU GO GIRL! Johnny

OMG. Just watched the video. Very very provocative kid. I wish I had seen something like that when I was a teenager. It would have probably helped me out with a lot of anger and anxiety. You have a beautiful soul to put that together. :) Sam

Seriously your song is amazing ♥ The lyrics/video are so amazing and meaningful you're such an're using your fame to spread an amazing message and to make a change...we need more people like you in the world! ♥ Adam

Benni, I want you to know how you've helped me these past couple of months. I have not been a victim of cyber bullying personally but I have had things going on in my life and to see you carry on as normal and still live a life that you love is so inspirational and helps me go through life without any regrets. So, this was just to let you know; I love you. You're my Idol.You're my everything ♥ Shannon

Benni... You touched me!! You were just a normal girl, like me, living your life, and then out of no where, BOOM! You're famous!! (: You make me feel inspired! And now I know that dreams come true.. Even if you're just a background dancing like a chicken.. ;P (btw, you're my favorite chicken dancing background) You're amazing, no matter what anyone says! keep livin' life, and don't give up!!! Haters are gonna hate.. But they make us who we are (: Alicia

just wanna say something. I'm 14, living in england, an ordinary life, ordinary everyday things happen to me. You came from nowhere, you've done extraordinary things and became famous for something you thought you couldn't do. I admire you, it's people like you that keep the rest of us teenagers going. I'm a fan of yours and will be for a long time, not because you're famous but because you work hard, don't use fame to do negative things, help others and don't think about the negatives. For me, that is the way to live, the way to make sure you live your life smiling. Good luck for the future, and good luck with your cistic fibrosis walk. I have to find one of those 'That Girl in Pink' bracelets!! Good luck from a fellow teenager, Connie xoxo

Benni, Hi, I just kinda wanna say you are awesome!! You caught my eye in the Friday video, and from then on you have been my role model!(: I am in your Fan Club, (or BFF's) and I wear your bracelet every single day (: The photo is in pride-of-place on my notice board, and I always have fun telling people who you are. (: Im also buying the kids 'I am that girl in pink' shirt, hehe! Maisie

Benni just received your present in the mail. Thank you so much. So sweet. Had a very long day and it cheered me up so much! Big love and good on you for all the work you are doing! Kate (in Australia)

Thank you to Sam Tweedle who just made Cystic Fibrosis Foundation the charity he donates to directly from his paycheck every week! YOU ARE THE BEST! Thank you for being so awesome! ♥ Benni

My bracelet came and my mom and I go "Wth is this pink envelope?" And when I opened it I saw the very top of your picture, and I went.. "OMG It's my bracelet from BENNI!!! AHH!" And my mom was like "Who?" And I went "That girl in pink! The accordion girl from Rebecca Black's video" ... And she watch me freak out and go to my room. Aiden

thanks heaps. btw, you have a very good attitude and I respect the way you have handled your fame. Its because of your positive outlook that you are more popular than Rebecca. Just thought i would share that :) keep up the charity work. Sarah

Hi Benni! I just got my bracelet today and it was really nice of you! I was so excited. They came out so good. As soon as I opened the package I started singing Friday and doing your signature dance haha. I just wanted to say thank you, I really appreciate all the good you're doing. It's nice to see that you're not just some girl in a music video, and you're trying to help out the world. You have my full support and I hope you do great things! :) Matt

Hi there! I'm a French student, 22yo, and I want to say that I'm like so impressed of what you've done with what has been given to you -nearly nothing- ! Or how the so-called awkward girl in pink became a star :) You're natural and you really seem to take it easy. Just stay as you are... Have you been helped in any way in your whole trip ? (that is not over i hope !) I mean, for handling the pressure, doing your own ebook (that i loved) or your website and the girl in pink button i'd love to purchase :p Still, I'd love if you'd answer to me because I'm one of your biggest fans :) Kévin

Hi Benni ! I am in the 8th grade too (: I love what you do . Your so inpiring to other teenagers who have the same dreams as you . I love to sing .. not really a dancer .. but I'm in my school's show choir . I love that girl in pink and hope to see you in future . God bless Shaunda

hi benni,, im your old fan and im really proud of you coz at that age you have a huge heart for those who are in need,,, i love you benni!!! ill pray for you dear that you wont change and see you in future a benni who still helping others!!! more powers, Mary Claire

bennniiiii!! i got the stuff from your website todayyy!! i LOVE the bracelet!! i never take it offf!! except for last night because i was trying to got to sleep but there was an annoying glow so in my sleep i just like threw it somewhere in my room and then the next morning when i woke up im like wheres the bracelet...? WHERES THE BRACELET?!?!?! and was looking EVERYWHERE for it and i couldnt find it... but then i ended up finding it in the corner lolll... just thought i should tell you this story Melissa

Hey Benni! I love you and your attitude! I hope we can meet someday and be bestfriends :) That would be really fun fun fun! Teehee :) Uhm, just leave me an e-mail if you have a plan of having a vacation here in the Philippines. I'll tour you here in my country! Its very nice here and lots of beautiful view and friendly people. Looking forward to meet you Benni! And oh, we can do charities here too! I would definitely love that! Hugs and kisses from Meg :) (sending a reply would be really awesome :')) Take care and Godbless! Meggy

Hi! Just wanna say that you're an incredibly lovely girl! You seem to be famous purely for being really sweet, it's nice. And I love that you actually talk to your fans. Thank you for accepting me! (: x Billy

Benni! I just got the bracelet, thank you so much! I was actually having a horrible day and it brightened sooo much because of you! It's amazing that you reach out to your fans like this...I am going to wear this bracelet like everywhere :). I think what you are doing is GREAT. You have an amazing, bright future ahead of you. I LOVE how you don't let the haters get you down, and remain so sweet. You remind me a lot of myself. I am 23 now, but when I was in high school, I was the most awkward dancer EVER (waaaaay worse than your moves, trust me, yours are stellar next to mine). In fact, I tried out for our school dance team and made a huge fool of myself. It was truly an abomination. Also can I just say that you are adorable? Thanks for including the signed picture! Ashley

Hey! So, I don't really know if you'll actually read this, but I'm going to send it anyway. I really hope you will. Anyways, I'm just me. Not much to tell :p But I wanted to say that I think it's really special of you to be making your channel out to be what it is. Unfortunately, this channel that I now have, does not have videos I'm satisfied with and has not come out to be what I tried to cut it out to be recently. However, until I get internet back home again, I won't be restarting, so I'm stuck with this. Seeing you succeed in what you want to do is really cool-especially because what you're doing leaves an imprint. I have a basic goal in life-when I die, I want to be remembered. And I believe that this can be achieved by truly being different, standing out, and being who we want to be. Who we are. I believe that because of things like prejudism, most people don't get to do that. But you are. Not only in a way that makes you happy, but in a way that makes our world a better place to live. I don't want to make this too long, so I'm going to stop here. But thank you for what you've done so far, I will be sure to enter your new contest, and I love you! >^^ <3

Hello Benni! My name's Jon and I live in San Francisco doing missions and relief work for an organization called Youth With A Mission. I just wanted to say, your response to the popularity of Friday is so encouraging! So often I feel like people can use internet fame for the negative, or not use it at all, and seeing your response is really awesome. That you decided to use your popularity to raise donations, and your ebook to give some help to 'surviving the internet' is so great. As someone who works every day to see people's lives change for the positive, your encouragement, and all around realness and willingness to be yourself, is an endless encouragement. Keep it up! And keep up those guitar lessons! They'll certainly pay off. I do graphic design for the organization I work for, let me know if you ever need any T shirt or merchandise designed for any of the good causes you support, or even for yourself, free of charge! Keep it up! Jon

HEYYYYY It's Alexis, I am a huge fan of your ebook. If only it was a book too, that would be sooooo cool. so, there's this girl, im pretty sure many people have message you, her name is Sherry. This is not spam i promise, lol. Sherry is a 13 year old who lives in New york. I think shee's 13, not sure.... Anyway, Sherry really wants to be in your music video, not only does sherry want to be in your music video, we ( the people who have messaged you about her) wants her in the video too. "find out what's possible if you never give up " - Justin Bieber many bieber fans and cinkle fans all live by this quote, please show us that anything is possible. Please consider letting her be in the music video. I can grantee you that if you let her in the music video, you wont regret. Sherry is easy to work with and fun to be around. Alexis

Hey Benni! I love you and your attitude! I hope we can meet someday and be bestfriends :) That would be really fun fun fun! Teehee :) Uhm, just leave me an e-mail if you have a plan of having a vacation here in the Philippines. I'll tour you here in my country! Its very nice here and lots of beautiful view and friendly people. Looking forward to meet you Benni! And oh, we can do charities here too! I would definitely love that! Hugs and kisses from Meg :) (sending a reply would be really awesome :')) Take care and Godbless! Astrid

Dear Ms. Cinkle: Since I'm old enough to be your father, please excuse the obvious 'creep' factor here in regard my decision to pen some thoughts to you. That said, I did want to write in regard to the situation with RB that you discussed on FB. First off, I think the current situation is unfortunate. As someone who used to work professionally in the Music business, I can tell you that during my tenure in that line of work, I had really seen it all: the lies, the games, the sweetheart "deals" ... but also, those generally good people who were changed (corrupted) by an over-inflated ego (specifically, the notion that they somehow had a new found sense of power?!). As an adult, my opinion (fwiw) is that the issues you're having currently with Rebecca probably stem far more from her mother than from Rebecca, herself. Take the current set of 'issues' with a grain of salt. In retrospect, it all seems so silly (and if you'll pardon the expression, juvenile). YES: RB was the *vehicle* which allowed you to become "famous" in your own right. But have you *used* her to do so? Hardly! And as for your decision to release your name into the public -- well, that's your decision, alone; no one else's. I'm sure you did so with much reflection of all of the ramifications that came along with that decision. I actually started following you on Facebook after I noticed how you had been using your 'celebrity' status. I have to admit, I was (and am) SO impressed with you!! Esp. for a young woman your age - - rather than using your fame for selfish or self-serving purposes, you've used it to foster good will and towards the betterment of others. You deserve much kudos in this regard--bravo, Benni! As someone who was just reading along 3,000 miles away at home, I thought I'd write and express that I hope in the end, that you and RB are able to sort things out between the two of you. I think it would be a shame if the two of you ceased being friends over something so petty. But like I said, having worked in the Entertainment industry, I've seen it all. And while it's not surprising, it is disappointing, as you always hope people will manage fame better and more responsibly. In closing, please keep up all of the great philanthropy work you've been doing!! JC