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The Beginner’s Guide To Pedal Pumping

Pedal pumping is the erotic craze that appeals to car enthusiasts and foot worshippers all over the world. The fetish has a unique niche, as it combines podophilia (the sexual arousal from feet) with a genuine passion for classic cars and vintage motors. Watching scantily clad women get all hot and bothered, whilst trying to get the car started, is guaranteed to create a masturbatory opportunity for anyone who fantasies about joy rides.

Crank and Pump Action
Pedal pumping videos typically feature a sexy female driver about to take a trip. As she sits behind the wheel, you enjoy up close and personal point of view action that focuses on her curves, feet and intimate places. You’ll get excited as she uses her right foot to constantly press down on the gas pedal. To do all this pedal pumping she has to tap into her dominating self-confidence. Videos of pedal pumping clips particularly appeal to men who love to see a woman take full control. She has the absolute power at her feet.

Variations to the male-based fetish can include watching a female model pedal pumping with the car engine off, cold starting, or fiddling about under the bonnet, whilst wearing revealing outfits or sexy lingerie.

Footwear & Clothing Preferences
Pedal pumping girls love to get the motor running whilst wearing skimpy clothes, hosiery and killer heels. Some girls prefer a casual look that flaunts lingerie, a mini skirt and high-heeled boots, strappy sandals or flip flops. For the ultimate foot fetish car cranking experience, check out the girls who opt to go naked and/or barefoot!

Sexual Arousal
The crank and pump fetish offers a number of variable scenarios as a source of erotic sexual arousal. If podophilia, sexual masochism/submission, sexual sadism/control, or stuck fetishism gets your engine ticking over, watching videos of car cranking girls is likely to be a highly pleasurable experience for you. You can even customise the experience by signing up to the exclusive Pedal Pumping Passion membership service. You’ll be able to meet your model, via Skype Show, and to direct your own fantasy cranking and pedal pumping movie.

Revving: Watching a model continually pump her foot, as hard as she can on the accelerator pedal, can make some men feel highly aroused. You’re likely to particularly enjoy her total power and domination.

Cranking: When a model displays a combination of power and distress, a fetish fan is in pure ecstasy. Cranking girls love to pump the accelerator pedal as hard as possible just to get the car engine to start.

Extreme driving: Watching a model driving a car at top speed is exciting for some men.

Casual driving: Careful women drivers who gently caress the accelerator pedal appeal to men who get turned on by the opposite of extreme motoring.

Being stuck: For some men, it’s a real sexual turn on to watch a model trying to deal with an off road situation. When she presses the accelerator pedal hard, the wheels spin out of control, and she becomes completely stuck
  1. Jill E.
    November 10th, 2016 at 13:18

    Pedal pumping is great ive had this fetish for years!

  2. Natalie
    June 15th, 2016 at 03:50

    Love this !

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