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Moving on..

I'm 14 years old. A couple years ago, i had a boyfriend.. we were together for quite a while and i really honestly thought i was completely in love with him. We started arguing a lot, so i ended and dropped everything we had together. I've had a few boyfriends since then, but none of my relationships with them ever worked out. I'm now in a relationship with a boy at my school. He's a senior, and i'm a freshman. He treats me better than any of my boyfriends EVER have. He tries his absolute hardest to keep me happy, and reminds me everyday how much i mean to him. Ive never known what it felt like to be cared about, until now. But there is one problem. I'm so scared that everything will change as soon as he goes off to college.. and sometimes i think i may have made a mistake dating a senior, when im only a freshman. And on top of that, my ex that i was in love with, wants nothing more than to have my back. Im not going to lie, i miss my ex a lot. But that would be really shitty of me to up and leave my current boyfriend who does nothing but try to make me happy. But everyone always says "if someone doesn't leave your mind, or heart, they're clearly meant to be there." I think about my ex a lot. To be honest, i do still love him with all of my heart.. and i miss him a lot. I just have no idea what to do.. He always tells me he will wait for me.. until the day he can get me back.. Hes been single for 2 years.. waiting on me. I have no idea what to do:( and i need help!!! any advice?
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  1. Danielle
    September 23rd, 2011 at 01:46 | #1

    wow. well theres a lot of girls in the same position as you. but if your senior boyfriend treats you right then you should stay with him. if all you do is fight with your ex, then it is certainly not a healthy relationship.

  2. Sophia
    September 29th, 2011 at 03:19 | #2

    Stay with the one that loves you, you will regret it if you don’t.

  3. Vanessa
    October 11th, 2011 at 03:40 | #3

    The thing is if you dont love your current boyfriend as much as your ex then you got a desicsion to make.. U cant keep torturing your current boyfriend when u hav feelings for someone else. U have to make yourself happy before making someone else happy. Do whats best for u. Tell him how you feel, it will be such a relief for ur heart and mind. In the end it only matters what you feel is right honey <3

  4. Tori Smith
    November 5th, 2011 at 18:24 | #4

    im 17 now and i was in your same shoes. But i ended up cheating on mr. amazing with my x that i always fought with, but couldn’t stop thinking about. Mr. amazing found out and i was devastated cuz then my x left me and i had no one. Then mr. amazing forgave me and he took me back and now i know that i belong with him. He stuck with me even when i hurt him so bad. and we have been going strong 4 2 years now. Sometimes your heart says go with who you love the most. But really thats because your living in the moment. You need to go with who will make you feel like your needed like your a somebody because you you are. Everyone is :) stay with the senior he’s mr. amazing, hes your amazing :)

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