Internet Survival Guide

In 2011, Benni became a target for aggressive online bullying. Instead of reacting defensively or shying away, she met her critics with wit and candor. Soon, anonymous bullies became die-hard fans and Benni's online reputation as a fun, approachable, and down-to-earth teen began to grow.

She was soon receiving messages from kids around the world asking her:

  • "How do you not let it get to you?"
  • "How can you be so nice to people that are being so mean to you?"

Aware that she had stumbled onto a platform that offered international reach, Benni wrote a short ebook about her experiences to help others that may be dealing with something similar.

Available here as a free download in both English and Spanish, That Girl in Pink’s Internet Survival Guide offers teens five simple yet effective strategies for handling life online. It has become a popular resource among young people as well as media professionals intrigued by her story.

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